HTCSense.com launches with support for Desire HD and Desire Z

HTC is trying to lock in lifetime users with intangible features not offered by your average handset maker.

Scott Webster
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Scott Webster
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HTCSense.com HTC

HTC has flipped the switch on its new HTCSense.com Web site ahead of the launch of its new Desire handsets.

Designed to let users manage their Sense UI smartphone, the site provides you with the ability to locate a lost or misplaced phone using a map, as well as an option to turn the ringer up to full volume should you need to call the device. This will come in handy for those of us who tend to lose our phones in the cracks of a couch. If your phone is stolen, HTCSense.com will also let users remotely lock the phone or wipe personal data.

The HTC Web site, which is currently limited to the Desire Z and Desire HD, also provides a history of text messages, both sent and received. Should you ever switch phones or need to pull up an old message, HTC has you covered. Along the same lines, one of the cooler features is the ability to receive and send SMS messages from the portal, without touching the phone. Managing contacts also gets easier as you can add new friends, groups, and details from your computer without the hassle of tiny keyboards or touch screens.

Another element of HTCSense.com is applications. With the ever-growing list of apps hitting the Android Market, it gets harder to find great titles or hidden gems. HTC understands this, so the company's stepped up in two ways: recommended applications and app sharing within the Android phones. If you're the type who really likes to customize your phone, you will also enjoy the site's hundreds of wallpapers and selection of sounds, scenes, and widgets.

I really like what HTC is doing here, trying to lock in lifetime buyers. As more people migrate to smartphones or upgrade to newer models, HTC wants you to come back to it for all the intangibles that aren't listed on the box, and they're definitely on the right track with HTCSense.com.