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HTC wants you to name new phone: Take my hand and we'll make it I swear

HTC wants you to christen its next phone in a Facebook poll. There are four options, but one towers above the rest...

HTC wants you to bash a bottle of bubbly on the bow of its next blower. A Facebook poll to name its new phone invites you to christen a new product that will be "full of youth".

Details about the phone are thin on the ground -- if it's even a phone. It's "something new" and the name needs to reflect that it's "playful and full of youth", suggesting it'll be aimed at the social-networking generation targeted by phones such as the Microsoft Kin range.

To vote, you'll need to allow the Poll app access to your Facebook account. The options are the HTC Jovi, HTC Zeal, HTC Wildfire or HTC Festi. Zeal sounds rather earnest: we'd prefer Seal, like either the animal or the singer. Wildfire, the current frontrunner, sounds like a manly cologne -- 60 per cent of the time, it works every time. Festi, meanwhile, is just daft.

If you have any better suggestions, stick 'em in the comments below, but there can only be one option to receive the full backing of CNET UK. We want our phone to reflect that we're wanted -- dead or alive -- and we're going down in a blaze of glory. We want our phone to say we know how to keep the faith, that we give love a bad name, that we'll sleep when we're dead. Dammit, we want our phone to tell the world that we're halfway there and, hell, we're living on a prayer. Vote Jovi!