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HTC, Verizon: Buy the HTC One M9, get $100 in Google Play credit

A limited-time deal dangles the promise of free movies and games when you buy HTC's flagship phone.

Buy the HTC One M9 through Verizon this summer and you'll be rewarded. Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Looking for a reason to buy the HTC One M9? How about $100 in Google Play credits?

HTC announced a new, limited-time promotion on Wednesday that puts a chit for the Google store in your pocket. Running from July 1 to August 31, Verizon customers that purchase the One M9 are eligible to receive the credit for movies, books, music, apps and games.

To take advantage of the deal, buy the HTC flagship device from a participating Verizon retail store. Then, fill out this rebate form.

Google will apply your credit to your Google Wallet account. There is a time catch, though. You must use it before September 30, 2016 or you'll lose it.