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HTC U12's specs leak, with possible release in April

HTC's follow-up to the squeezable U11 phone may be just around the corner.

The new HTC U12 Plus has been officially announced. It has squeezable sides like the U11 and four cameras. 

The HTC U11 came with a unique squeezable-sides function for launching certain shortcuts.


HTC may release its next flagship phone as soon as next month. Expected to be called the HTC U12, the phone would serve as a follow-up to the U11, and could be released some time in April, according to mobile tipster Llabtoofer.  

In addition to a possible availability date, a list of potential specs and features were leaked. We could not independently verify these claims -- HTC did not immediately respond to a request for comment -- so take this information with a grain of salt.

One notable feature on the list is "Edge Sense 2.0."  Although the previous U11 offered solid overall performance and a vibrant design, the phone was most memorable for its unique, squeezable sides. By squeezing the edges on the U11 you could launch certain apps, take pictures or turn on the flashlight. This side-squeezing feature was a first on the U11, but it later made its way to the Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL shortly after Google acquired many of HTC's staff and licensed its intellectual property.

With the inclusion of "Edge Sense 2.0" on the list, this suggests that HTC is revisiting the edge squeezing feature for the U12.

Meanwhile, HTC Face Unlock may mean that the U12 will get its own facial recognition feature to compete with the iPhone X's Face ID. The tweet hints at hardware upgrades too, like new dual rear cameras and the latest Snapdragon 845 processor, which currently powers the Galaxy S9.

We also see that the HTC U12 may get support for Google's Project Treble. Project Treble makes it easier for phone manufacturers to update to the latest versions of Android. If the HTC U12 is included in the program, users may be able to expect regular updates.

This isn't the first time there was a possible leak of the U12. The phone purportedly popped up at a 5G conference in Taiwan, and it featured a big rectangular display with minimal bezels, similar to the Samsung Galaxy S8. If the HTC U12 actually ends up looking like that device and packs all these rumored features, it holds a lot of potential upon its release.

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