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HTC ThunderBolt update addresses rebooting, data connectivity

A software update is now available for the HTC ThunderBolt that addresses a few pain points for the 4G handset.

Verizon Wireless today announced that it has pushed out another minor software update for the HTC ThunderBolt. While it might not be Gingerbread just yet, it does address a few issues that have plagued users for some time.

The biggest two areas of concern, random rebooting and data connectivity problems, should be resolved in the 1.70.605.0 build. Verizon also is using the update as an opportunity to install its My Verizon, V Cast Music, and V Cast Video apps; enable the People Search function; add a New York Times site to the browser bookmarks; improve Bluetooth device discovery and the call history view; and add a desktop cradle application and Backup Assistant.

You can install the update manually by navigating on the phone to Settings > Software Update > Check Now. As with other updates, Verizon has created a support page with documentation to help users through the process and answer common questions.