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HTC T8788 with Windows Phone 7 leaked

HTC's upcoming Windows Phone 7 phone -- codenamed the HTC T8788 -- sports a sliding speaker and a rear kick-stand that points to media madness

We already know that HTC is planning phones with Microsoft's new Windows Phone 7 operating system, but we didn't expect the speaker-slider oddness that we're seeing in photos leaked to Engadget.

The phone -- known as the HTC T8788, but sure to get a heroic, desirable nickname -- is a slider, but instead of a keyboard, it's got a speaker hidden underneath its touchscreen.

This gives it the air of an HTC Touch Pro2 trying to look cool, and fills us with dread for future bus rides. But it's reportedly also got a built-in stand on the back, so hopefully people will spend more time catching up on video with the phone propped on a table, rather than sharing their music with their unwilling companions on public transport.

Like the other Windows Phone 7 phones that we've clocked so far -- the LG 900 and the Samsung Cetus SGH-i917 -- we don't know much about the HTC phone's full specs yet. But based on the minimum requirements for phones running Windows Phone 7, expect a capacitive touchscreen, Wi-Fi, A-GPS and at least a 5-megapixel camera.