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HTC struggles continue, revenue falls in November

Revenue has fallen each month for more than a year as the smartphone maker continues its slow turnaround efforts.

HTC President Jason MacKenzie at the Droid DNA launch event in New York last month. Sarah Tew/CNET

November was not a good month for HTC.

The Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer today posted (PDF) revenue of 21 billion Taiwan dollars, or $729.4 million, in November, down nearly a third from a year ago. This marks the 13th consecutive month of year-over-year revenue drops, as the company struggles to get out of a slump that's lasted more than a year.

November did improve upon October, when revenue was 17.2 billion Taiwan dollars, or $591.8 million.

The results illustrate the continued struggles facing HTC, one of several handset manufacturers battered by the competition that has left Apple and Samsung Electronics as the only truly successful players in the smartphone business. Despite slashing its product lineup and focusing on a few higher quality devices, HTC has yet to see a financial turnaround.

The company, however, is hopeful that will come soon. HTC President Jason MacKenzie told CNET last month that he believes the current lineup will help drive that turnaround. The products have all gotten support from outside partners, whether its Microsoft or Verizon Wireless.

Over the last few months, HTC has introduced an upgraded version of its flagship One X, the One X+. It has also released the Windows Phone 8X and Windows Phone 8S, which Microsoft considers its flagship devices for its new platform. Most recently, HTC has released the Droid DNA, which is the flagship smartphone for Verizon this holiday-shopping season.

Whether the products will translate to better results in December is another question.