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HTC Sense 6 interface appears in video leak

As part of the software experience behind the all new HTC One, Sense 6 is an evolved take on the custom interface.

The all new HTC One makes its long-awaited debut in but a few days.
CBS Interactive

With roughly one week until HTC formally unwraps its next-gen the new HTC One, more details on the smartphone have leaked.

This time, instead of dealing with hardware details, the leak du jour focuses on the software experience. More specifically, we're looking at the Sense 6.0 custom interface.

A video which surfaced today (embedded above) shows a redesigned interface featuring a stripped-down approach, with "flat" icons and a new design language.

What's more, Sense 6.0 could include motion gesture controls for launching apps, as well as other shortcut functions. Assuming the video is correct, it's unclear whether the Sense experience in this unofficial clip is final, or if HTC is still tweaking the software.

HTC will debut the refreshed HTC One at a press event in New York on March 25. CNET will be there, providing a firsthand account of the goings-on and early impressions of the new device.

Via TechnoBuffalo.