HTC said to be crafting two Nexus phones for 2016

The Taiwanese electronics company, which has struggled in recent years, previously made the Nexus One in 2010 and the Nexus 9 in 2014.

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In 2015, we were treated to two Google Nexus devices in the LG made 5X and Huawei's 6P. Rumours are now circulating that 2016 will also see two Nexus smartphones, this time both made by HTC.

Evleaks, real name Evan Blass, has a history of leaking accurate information and on Thursday tweeted, "HTC is building a pair of Android N devices for Google internally dubbed MI and S1." Android N is Google's yet-to-be released operating system, following 6.0 Marshmallow.

Evleaks has most recently provided early information on phones like the HTC 10 and Samsung's Galaxy S7 range. His claims further substantiates those made by an analyst in China, who in January claimed (in Chinese) over microblog Weibo that HTC would make two Nexus phones in 2016.

The Taiwanese company, who has struggled to regain momentum in recent years, previously developed 2010's Nexus One phone and 2014's Nexus 9 tablet.