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HTC reveals standalone Vive Focus VR headset geared toward business

HTC announced its new push toward enterprise VR applications.


The new Vive Focus headset.


On Thursday, HTC Vive announced its new push toward bringing VR to the enterprise level. This involves a new platform, hardware and software geared toward business applications.

The HTC Vive Focus is the company's new standalone VR headset. The Vive Focus is powered by the Vive Wave platform, comes with dual 3K AMOLED screens and runs on a Snapdragon 835 mobile processor. Because it's a standalone headset, it doesn't need to be tethered to a PC like other HTC Vive headsets. Pricing for the Vive Focus starts at $599.

Vive Sync lets coworkers hold meetings in VR.


To go along with the Vive Focus, HTC also announced a new SDK for the Vive Wave VR platform. This allows VR developers to create content for their business or customers and release across different headsets.

HTC also announced its Vive Sync app, which allows companies to have meetings in VR. Vive Sync supports up to 20 employees meeting at the same time.

HTC mentions that Volkswagen, SimForHealth and other companies already use Vive in their businesses for training, simulation and product design.

Specs for the Vive Focus.