HTC readying three Android tablets, report says

In addition to the rumored Nexus 8, HTC could be prepping two other Android tablets.

Google reportedly turns to HTC for the next-gen Nexus tablet. Josh Miller/CNET

After spending the last few years as a wallflower, HTC may finally be ready to dive headfirst into the tablet fray. According to Twitter source @evleaks, HTC has a trio of slabs on the horizon, including a Nexus device.

Long rumored to be the hardware maker of choice for Google's Nexus 8 , we should look for this particular tablet sometime later this fall. Presumably, the next-gen device will debut whenever Android L becomes official.

It's worth pointing out that other chatter indicates the tablet could be closer to 9 inches and possibly carry the name of Nexus 9 instead. And, while we're at it, we should also note the various code names that have been floating about: Volantis and Flounder.

We know even less about the other two tablets. Aside from the T7 and T12 model numbers, the rest is a mystery. Although the names could mean we'll see 7-inch and 12-inch slates, that isn't necessarily true. After all, the Nexus 8 is said to carry the model number "T1".

While evleaks is often accurate in leaking smartphones and tablets, its track record is far from flawless. After reporting that the Volantis tablet might boast 5GB RAM, it was later found that its source was a 14-year-old posing as an HTC representative. In the words of Walter White, tread lightly when it comes to rumors.