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HTC One to be improved this year, M8 coming in 2014

A new and improved version of the HTC One could be with us this year, followed by a sequel codenamed M8.

It's only been on sale for four months, but there's set to be a new and improved version of the HTC One before the end of the year.

And next year, that'll be followed by an HTC One 2, if you will, said to be codenamed the HTC M8. There are also rumours of a plastic version of the currently metal-shelled HTC One.

Tech blog Pocket-lint reckons the new version of the One will see improved innards, possibly including a Snapdragon 800 chip instead of the current model's 600.

The plastic version of the One is expected to combine HTC's Butterfly range of cheaper phones into the One stable. Further details are sparse, however. The same goes for the M8, expected to be the successor to the One in 2014.

The One is already getting spin-offs in the shape of a version with stock Android software, as well as a cheaper, smaller HTC One Mini and larger, phablet-sized Max. Oh, and a red-painted model, too.

The One is also reported to have been spotted testing out an early version of Android 4.3, the next generation of Google's mobile phone software.

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Last year HTC did a similar job on the One X, releasing an improved One X+ that bumped up its power and fixed some of the One X's manufacturing problems.

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