HTC One supposed snap hints at ditched button, Sense 5

A snap that allegedly shows HTC's new mobile has been posted to Twitter, hinting at a design refresh.

Luke Westaway Senior editor
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Luke Westaway
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A new leaked snap that allegedly shows the rumoured HTC One has appeared online, hinting at a ditched app-selection button and a radical overhaul for Sense 5.

The snap surfaced via the evleaks Twitter account, under the simple heading, 'HTC One, 2013'. The well-regarded account also pointed to a photo on Flickr with exif data that marks it as being from the HTC One.

Nothing regarding HTC's next phone is known for sure at the moment, so take this image with a pinch or two or salt. That said, it certainly looks like a plausible design for an HTC mobile, with a metal chin that's reminiscent of the beloved HTC Hero.

On the bottom of the picture you can see capacitive 'back' and 'home' buttons, but the app-switching button that's present on mobiles such as the One X is conspicuously absent.

That button usually handles multi-tasking, making it easy to call up a list of apps you have running. The picture suggests HTC may be ditching this system with its new mobiles, however, in favour of on-screen multi-tasking control.

The home screen shows what could be a new look for HTC's Sense interface, with tiled Facebook updates and a minimalist clock widget. Historically Sense has been one of the better Android skins out there, and this snap suggests that the Taiwanese firm could even be borrowing some design cues from Windows Phone in preparing a new version.

Recent rumours suggest that the HTC One is the true identity of the device code named 'M7', though only HTC knows for sure. Could this be the One for you, or are you more interested in the Samsung Galaxy S4? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.

Image credit: evleaks