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HTC One red version in Phones 4U now

HTC's fancy flagship is available in red now, exclusive to one shop.

As the sun sizzles above Britain, it's a safe bet that a few of you will have turned various shades of red this weekend -- and so has the HTC One, with the new red version arriving in Phones 4U now.

The 4.7-inch Android flagship now comes in a scarlet hue as well as the original silver and black models. The 'Glamour red' phone is exclusive to Phones 4U, where you can buy the One on a contract with all the major UK networks.

That includes 4G network EE, as the One has the chops for extra-fast connection to the Internet while you're out and about. It's free on selected deals from EE and other networks. 

Apart from the colour, it's still the same excellent HTC One that earned a solid four stars in our review. The One sports a 1080p display, sturdy aluminium build and powerful quad-core processor, alongside a host of intriguing camera capabilities such as the cutely-named Zoe mode.

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A number of new versions of the One are on the cards, including a Google edition running stock Android software without HTC's interface tweaks. And HTC wants to make the most of the One name with a cheaper, smaller HTC One Mini and larger, phablet-sized Max.

Will you splash out on the big red One? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.