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HTC One Max is 5.9 inches of power in new leaked photos

New leaked photos of HTC's first monster-screened phablet have leaked online, showing the One Max in all its vast glory.

New leaked photos of HTC's first monster-screened phablet have leaked online, showing what looks like an HTC One -- after it's eaten a mega mushroom. It's our first sighting of the One Max in the wild.

The pics come courtesy of indiscreet Hong Kong retailer ePrice, which reckons its 5.9-inch screen is 1080p resolution, like the One, and is running on a super-powered Snapdragon 800 processor -- the same 2.3GHz quad-core brute that makes the Sony Xperia Z Ultra so formidable.

Other purported specs include 2GB of RAM, a fairly mediocre 16GB of storage and, notably, a microSD slot, which the One and One Mini don't offer. That's thanks to a newly detachable back, ePrice notes.

It's apparently packing the same 'UltraPixel' 4-megapixel camera that failed to impress us overmuch on the One and One Mini, with optical image stabilisation and a 2.1-megapixel front camera.

The ridonkulously named BoomSound dual speakers are both there, and twice as wide as the ones on the One Mini (yes, I counted the little holes).

Those specs back up what we heard back in June from another gossip site. As I noted at the time, stretching the 1080p screen over so many inches reduces its density, but at 373 pixels per inch, it's still more pixel-packed than the iPhone 5.

It's the biggest HTC device since the ill-fated Flyer, the company's unsuccessful attempt at a 7-inch Android tablet.

There's no word on when we'll see this metal-clad monster in the UK, but apparently it's nearly ready to launch in China.

Are you primed for the One Max? Does the One need a bigger version? Or is it just dandy as it is? Expand your thinking in the comments, or on our ginormous Facebook page -- and check out the One Max's super-screened competition in our video.

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