HTC One M8 on sale in London on 25 March, Carphone promises

HTC's new flagship blower will be available to buy in six London stores immediately after its 25 March launch event, retailer Carphone Warehouse has revealed.

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HTC's new flagship blower, the One M8, will be available to London punters immediately after its 25 March launch event, retailer Carphone Warehouse has revealed.

Immediately after the Taiwan-based phonemaker takes the white cloth off its latest meisterwerk, crates filled with the new phone will be taken from the venue and broached in six Carphone stores in the capital.

No sooner will HTC execs exit stage left than eager mobile fans will have the chance to shell out their hard-earned for the One M8. It'll beat Samsung's 2014 line-leader, the Galaxy S5, to shops by at least two weeks.

The shops in question are the chain's Westfield Stratford, Westfield White City, Oxford Circus, Centrepoint and Tottenham Court Road stores, as well as the branch inside Selfridges. All will stay open late for gala events, but Carphone hasn't said how many handsets each branch will have.

Stores around the country will get the M8 "shortly afterwards", Carphone promises, with online orders opening in the same timeframe.

As Three did last week, Carphone referred to the new phone as the "HTC One (M8)", indicating it may be simply called the HTC One in advertising, while keeping its internal codename for the purposes of distinguishing it from its illustrious predecessor.

Rumours and leaks surrounding the new One have pointed to a new improved BlinkFeed app, a kind of dual camera system and a larger 5-inch screen. There's only a week to wait until we find out for sure -- let me know what you'd like to see from HTC this year in the comments below.