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HTC One M8 goes sk8ing in UK's biggest skatepark

The HTC One M8 is taking over legendary London landmark Selfridges with the UK's largest covered skatepark.

Hit the deck at the HTC One Skatepark in London. HTC

Who knew Mr Selfridge was secretly a Sk8er boi? To celebrate the landing of the HTC One M8, London's famous Selfridges department store is being turned into one of the country's biggest skateparks.

Covering 18,500 square feet in the Old Selfridges Hotel atop Selfridges on Oxford Street in London's West End, the HTC One Skatepark will be the UK's largest covered skate park.

Open and free to all skateboarders from this Thursday, the park is divided into four sections, the first of which represents popular skate hangouts like the Big Ben Road Gap or the legendary -- and recently reprieved from redevelopment -- Undercroft on the South Bank of the Thames. The second sector is a fantastical 'shop' where you can skate on giant lipsticks, sunglasses and Selfridges carrier bags.

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The idea of the skate park is to create some fast-moving ollying and grinding action that will test the photographic chops of the M8's camera, including the Zoe Highlight feature that automatically picks the good bits from your photo gallery. As people snap away with sample One M8 phones, their Zoe shots are displayed on plasma screens around the park.

The skate park is open seven days a week between 27 March and 19 April, with free skate lessons for anyone aged over 8 years old each weekend.

The HTC One M8 is in London shops now, and on sale across the country and online throughout the week. L8er sk8ers!

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