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HTC One hits retailers today

The device -- which CNET Reviews calls a "beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone" -- is available today through AT&T and Sprint as well as a variety of retailers.

The HTC One is now up for sale at a variety of stories.
The HTC One is now up for sale at a variety of stories. Sarah Tew/CNET

Consumers eyeing the new HTC One smartphone can finally buy one starting today.

The phone -- which CNET Reviews calls a "beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone" -- is now available both online and in several retail stores. Offered by AT&T and Sprint, the HTC One can be purchased directly through both carriers, online, and via their retail outlets. Shoppers will also find the phone at Best Buy, RadioShack, Walmart, Target, Amazon.com, Costco, Car Toys, Sam's Club, HSN.com, and HTC.com.

AT&T is selling the 32GB version of the HTC One for $199 and the 64GB flavor for $299, both with the standard two-year contract. Sprint is offering just the 32GB version for $199, although people who switch to Sprint and carry over their existing number can pick up the phone for $99.

T-Mobile is also selling the 16GB version for $99 down and monthly payments of $20 each. Through T-Mobile, the HTC One is available online for now but will pop up in stores on April 24.

Only the silver version of the phone is currently available. HTC said that the black edition will show up in the coming weeks.

The only major carrier still missing is Verizon. A story from AllThingsD last month said the phone would also land at Verizon Wireless, though neither Verizon nor HTC would confirm that information.

The launch of the HTC one had been delayed by component shortages, specifically a limited supply of cameras. Last month, HTC Chief Marketing Officer Benjamin Ho told The Wall Street Journal that "there is some shortage, because the phone's camera was designed specifically for us, and production cannot be ramped up so quickly."

However, an "unnamed HTC executive" had also pinned part of blame for the shortage on HTC's soured relationship with its suppliers.

"The company has a problem managing its component suppliers as it has changed its order forecasts drastically and frequently following last year's unexpected slump in shipments," the executive said. "HTC has had difficulty in securing adequate camera components as it is no longer a tier-one customer."

The delay in the HTC One affected the company's first-quarter profits, which sunk to 85 million Taiwanese dollars ($2.85 million) from 10.9 billion Taiwanese dollars ($363 million) for the prior year's quarter.

Updated at 8:20 a.m. PT with news that T-Mobile is offering the phone.