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HTC M7 may debut as HTC One

The upcoming flagship smartphone is rumored to carry a more formal, yet confusing, moniker.

The so-called HTC One appears in first press-ready render. Unwired View

The highly anticipated HTC M7 is rumored to shed its code name for the more formal, "HTC One" branding next week, according to various reports.

Details surfaced this past weekend suggesting that HTC will stick with a familiar "HTC One" naming convention for the flagship device, with the twist that the moniker stops there.

However, the "One" name, if accurate, may do little to help differentiate it from other models in HTC's One series of phones, first introduced a year ago at Mobile World Congress.

If true, would the average consumer know that the HTC One is actually more powerful than the HTC One X+? I suspect that sales reps would have their work cut out for them.

Looking ahead, I wonder what HTC plans to do for a follow-up device. HTC Two? HTC One Plus? At this rate, we might even look forward to the HTC One 2. Let's not forget the rumored M4 and G2 models slated to arrive this spring.

What name do you give the lesser-powered experience? How does HTC plan to market said devices? This could be one of those rare times when carriers are wise to employ a unique branded name. In other words, it sounds to me like the new marketing chief's strategies have yet to take effect.

The first photo allegedly taken with an HTC One. Flickr via HTC Source

On a related note, further proof of the HTC One name comes in the form of a photo alleged to have been taken with the device. You know, the one with the "ultrapixel" technology. The test picture doesn't have much wow factor, however these sorts of shots rarely do.

If there was any confusion as to what the HTC One may look like, a new render of the handset arrived today. Looking very similar to early leaks, the white-and-silver smartphone also provides a taste of things to come in HTC Sense 5.

CNET will attend HTC's upcoming unveiling on February 19 event, providing first-hand accounts and early impressions of the new device.