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HTC looks to expand patent portfolio in wake of Apple setback

Chairwoman Cher Wang says HTC will apply for patents "in different fields" and set out to buy others.

HTC has faced some serious setbacks in its patent battle with Apple. But that won't stop the company from getting back up and continuing the fight.

Speaking to reporters at the HTC 15th anniversary ceremony yesterday, Chairwoman Cher Wang said her company "will apply for patents in different fields, and we will also purchase different kinds of patents, such as those owned by S3 Graphics Co." Wang's comments at the company's new headquarters in New Taipei City, Taiwan, were first reported by The China Post.

HTC has been fighting a losing battle against Apple in the U.S. Earlier this week, the U.S. International Trade Commission dismissed HTC's hope of using five Google patents in its case against Apple. That came less than a week after Apple filed yet another patent complaint against HTC, and a month after U.S. Customs held up the HTC One X and HTC Evo 4G LTE to ensure they didn't violate Apple's patents.

"Apple is a company with 'big muscle' and is famous worldwide," Wang said. "In the U.S. particularly, it will be able to stop us by all means. This is our challenge."

HTC might also face a challenge from Samsung, which has all but cornered the Android space. In fact, Asymco analyst Horace Dediu reported last month that Apple and Samsung combine to secure 99 percent of all operating profits in the mobile arena. HTC came in third with the remaining 1 percent.