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HTC in hunt for 'high end' Nexus tablet, report says

A Taiwanese source claims that HTC will produce a new Nexus tablet for release this fall.

HTC Flyer/HTC Evo View 4G
The HTC Flyer/HTC Evo View 4G was one of only two HTC tablets.
Josh Miller/CNET

HTC will once again partner with Google to produce a Nexus device, or so suggests a new Taiwanese report.

According to unnamed sources close to the Commercial Times, HTC has won the rights to create a "high-end" Nexus tablet for release in the third quarter. Unfortunately, that's about the extent of this particular rumor. HTC, for its part, is remaining understandably tight-lipped on the subject.

As most readers know, HTC was the first company to manufacture a Nexus smartphone, the Nexus One. Introduced in 2010, it remains the only time Google and HTC would partner on a Nexus device.

HTC has had a rough go of things in the tablet space, having only released two thus far: the 7-inch Flyer/HTC Evo View 4G and 10.1-inch Jetstream. This is not to suggest, however, that HTC has ruled out a return to tablets altogether. Various rumors and leaks surfaced over the last year, leading many to believe we would have seen something new by now

HTC says it's made no promises, and it sure isn't in a financial state to take a lot of chances. However, the Nexus sub-brand, which is usually high-value and lower-priced for the masses, is almost guaranteed to sell units.

If HTC and Google do collaborate on a Nexus tablet, it could be just the catalyst to get the hardware-maker back on track. Finally.