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HTC HD2 on in O2 stores today: We say don't buy just yet!

There's never been a higher-rated Windows Mobile phone reviewed on CNET UK, and today HTC's new HD2 went on sale in O2 stores. But we suggest you don't buy it just yet

There's never been a higher-rated Windows Mobile phone on CNET UK. It's the first Windows Mobile phone to have a capacitive touchscreen. It's the HTC HD2 and today it launched on O2.

Normally this kind of story gets filed under 'slow news day', cross-referenced with 'bending over for public relations staff', but we have some advice to give you. Although today the phone goes on sale in O2 stores, note that it's only on sale in O2 stores -- not online. And it's online you should be looking to buy this bad boy from.

The reason is simple: O2's online deals are way better than its in-store deals. Often you'll get double the inclusive minutes or texts. We nagged O2 for some details, and a spokesperson initially told us the HD2 is to be "in-store only to begin with" (emphasis our own).

A smidge more nagging got a confirmation that it'd hit the online store in "the next few weeks". And frankly, we'd be tempted to wait and see what deals you're offered online. You may end up with a significantly better contract if you hold off.

For more info on the phone, check out our full HTC HD2 review or even investigate our full video review as well.