HTC HD2 now on sale at Vodafone

The HTC HD2 has a huge screen and a slick-looking HTC Sense skin that makes Windows Mobile almost great. Today it's for sale at Vodafone

Flora Graham

The HTC HD2 did what we thought couldn't be done -- it made us crave a Windows Mobile 6.5 phone. Now the first WinMo phone with a capacitive touchscreen -- and a stunningly huge one, at that -- is finally available to buy online from Vodafone.

If you want the HD2, the exchange value of your labour power is £35 per month on a two-year contract, or £40 per month on an 18-month contract. That includes a free phone, 900 minutes of calling, unlimited texts and unlimited Internet, subject to a 500MB fair-use policy.

We think that's a fair price for a phone that's on our top 10 list of exciting smart phones. The HD2 has its flaws, but it's the best Windows Mobile phone out there by far. Read our full review of the HD2 to get all the gory details and decide whether the HD2 is for you.