HTC Google-phone: prepare to want one bad

Handset manufacturer HTC have confirmed they are working on a "Google phone" due for release later in 2008.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon
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Many of us at CNET.com.au have thrown about the phrase "iPhone Killer" ever since the iPhone's release.

Every time we've seen a touchscreen mobile device we've scrutinised it's ability to not only knock Apple's all-in-one device off it's perch from a sales perspective, but also to knock it clear from our tech-hungry hearts and minds.

Well, it may be at least six months away but a contender lurks patiently, ready to pounce. Who better to challenge Apple's dominance than another tech-powerhouse, Web services giant Google, which is gearing up to a release a device which many pundits have dubbed the "G-phone".

So far very little is known about the G-phone handset. What we do know is that representatives from PDA manufacturer HTC have confirmed they are well into development of a device they're dubbing the "Google phone", and the company is aiming for a release in late Q2 or early Q3 2008. Whether it will branded as a Google phone or simply feature the Google OS is unclear, and anything further would be pure speculation.

Just from examining recent HTC releases we see mobile handsets which are not only slim, but powerful, and using a 400mhz Qualcomm mobile chipset. Several HTC products also incorporate HSDPA data speeds and GPS receivers -- two features we probably won't see in the iPhone anytime soon. Whether Google will aim for a media-playing device on par with the iPhone is anyone's guess, but it the name of remaining competitive it would be a smart move to include a fair chunk of internal storage and a decent media-playing application.

Recently the following video popped up on Youtube demonstrating the mobile operating platform developed by Google, codenamed "Android", and we have to admit, the interface on display is very exciting indeed. Applications already produced for the device see the unifying of several existing Google Web-based applications, like Google Maps, so that, for example, the address of a friend in your phone's address book becomes a link to the address in the Google Maps application on the phone.

From the video it's clear Google are keen for developers to create unique applications for the device -- unlike Apple. Leave us a message on the Talk-back below and tell us what features you'd like to see in the G-Phone.