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HTC Diamond or Dream? The rumour mill starts turning

HTC recently sent out an invitation to an event and I hastily came to the conclusion that it could very well be the launch of the first Google Android phone. Or could it?

Recently an invitation to an HTC event was sent out with the tagline, "Witness the next wave of HTC innovation." Many tech journalists, including myself, hastily came to the conclusion that it could very well be the launch of HTC's Google Android phone -- codenamed the HTC Dream.

But after hounding everyone I could think of -- PR people, retailers, HTC itself -- for information and being told "no comment" every time, I began to think, what if all this hype is just hype? It's no secret that HTC is making an Android phone, but it also makes sense that it would be launching Windows Mobile 6.1 handsets around that time too.

All very exciting, but is it really going to be the launch of the first consumer Google phone?

Rumours of new HTC devices are coming thick and fast: Pocket-Lint reckons it's the HTC Dream, has it down as the HTC Diamond and has a T-Mobile variant of an HTC device that sources close to T-Mobile say is an HTC handset that runs on Windows Mobile 6.1.

So before you get all excited about a Google phone hitting the shelves next month, keep calm, because HTC might just be launching another Windows Mobile phone -- no doubt an excellent handset, of course, but not quite as exciting. Of course, if it is the HTC Dream, look forward to some Google goodness. Word on the street is that the Dream is set to be a very cool phone indeed.

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