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HTC Deluxe 5-inch enormo-phone spied in new leaked snaps

HTC's upcoming 5-inch smart phone has popped up again in new snaps, showing off some colour options.

HTC's rumoured 5-inch smart phone for Europe has cropped up in new snaps, giving us a clearer glimpse at what the Taiwanese giganto-phone will look like, as well as colour options.

The images, which surfaced at GSMArena, show a slender smart phone with a design that's similar to the HTC One X. It looks to have a curved glossy back and the familiar Beats logo stamped on its rear.

The glossy snaps look to my eyes like press shots, as they're rather more posed than your average leaked photo. There's no confirmed name or specification for the mystery mobile, but the smart money says the Deluxe will be an international version of HTC's US-only Droid DNA and Japan-only J Butterfly.

That gives us a good idea of the kind of hardware we'll find kicking around inside this phone when it eventually enters the realm of reality. Expect to see a quad-core processor, Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a 1080p resolution on that great big screen, as well as 2GB of RAM.

The site's source says more information on the phone could be due on 6 December, which means we could get a glimpse of the Deluxe before Christmas. It could be unveiled early next year at either the CES trade show in January or Mobile World Congress in February, or HTC could shirk the big events and host its own party.

Are you tempted by the Deluxe? Or would you rather own Samsung's massive Galaxy Note 2? Tell me in the comments or on our deluxe Facebook wall.