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HTC: Android 4.4 will come to HTC One, but a little late

HTC says it will miss its self-imposed 90-day deadline to deliver KitKat to its flagship phone, with a delay of one or two weeks.

AT&T plans to send the latest flavor of Android to the HTC One starting Wednesday.
The HTC One will get Android 4.4 a little late. Sarah Tew/CNET

You'll have to wait a little bit longer for that KitKat goodness to come to the HTC One.

In a letter to customers posted on its site, HTC Americas President Jason Mackenzie said that the company would be a week or two late in delivering Android 4.4, known as KitKat, to the HTC One.

The company had a self-imposed deadline of updating its flagship smartphone with KitKat 90 days after the official release of the software. With those 90 days almost up, Mackenzie provided an update.

HTC previously said the update was being certified by all four of the major US carriers. Mackenzie reiterated that the update was indeed in the certification process at the carriers.

He added, however, that the software development process isn't a linear process.

Still, HTC is one of the more transparent companies when it comes to keeping its customers up to date on compatibility with the latest version of Android. Rather than just upgrading a stock Android phone, HTC needs to make sure the latest software plays nice with its custom HTC Sense user interface.

"While we continue to be a leader in Android innovation and having done 'ok' with software updates, we recognize that 'ok' is not good enough," he said.