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HP dresses up its VR backpacks for business

The company says the HP Z BR backpack is the most powerful wearable computer you can strap to your body.

HP calls the Z VR backpack the world's first professional wearable VR PC. 

HP is launching what it calls the world's first professional virtual reality wearable, in the form of a convenient portable backpack.

With the new HP Z VR Backpack, you can avoid the usual VR hassle of cords and wires -- since you're actually wearing the computer. It's complete with battery, ports and the right PC parts for VR creation. The PC, a very flat-looking mini-desktop, slides right into the backpack harness, and the whole thing weighs around 10 pounds (4.5 kg). 

The company is no stranger to VR backpacks. Back in 2016 it launched the HP Omen X VR backpack, a consumer version -- like other VR backpacks we've tried, it was kinda ridiculous. 

Now, with the Z VR backpack, there's a business version HP says is ideal for employee training, simulations and more immersive customer experiences, according to the company's press release. It features the latest Intel Core i7 processor and 16GB of memory.

When you no longer want to wear your computer, there's a docking system that lets you transition back to the desktop.