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How to chat with Google support from your Pixel phone

Having trouble with your Pixel phone? Google support is at your fingertips.

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Unlike Apple, Google doesn't have retail stores you can visit should you encounter issues with your Pixel phone ($449 at Amazon). Instead of searching through online forums or Google support pages, you can chat with a Google support representative directly from your device.

To access the built-in support tool, open the Settings app and tap on the Support tab at the top of the screen. There are a few different options you can take advantage, depending on your needs.


Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

For some of the more basic questions, such as how to change a wallpaper or set a custom ringtone, searching the built-in guide is likely the most time-efficient.

Tap on either Search help & send feedback or Explore tips & tricks to learn more about how to do some of the more routine tasks.

Live chat

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For more complex tasks or issues, you can use the live chat feature.

Tap on the Chat button then fill in the Chat request form with the gist of your issue or question. You will be placed into a queue. While you wait, you can leave the support app and browse Facebook, or set your phone down. The Support app will send you an alert when a representative is ready to help you.

Once a chat is started, the app looks and works just like any messenger app.

I used the chat feature after I first set up the Pixel to ask if there was a way to transfer content from my iPhone after the initial setup of the Pixel was complete. I couldn't find the setting, and the FAQs were of no help. (For the curious, it's not possible. You have to factory reset the phone first.)


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Lastly, you request a phone call to get help from Google. The benefit of using the Phone support feature isn't limited to the fact you get to actually talk to a human, but you gain the added benefit of letting the support representative access your Pixel's screen to walk you through how to complete a task or personally troubleshoot an issue.

Request a call by tapping on the Phone button, then filling out the requested fields. When someone is available to help you, you'll receive a call at the number you entered in the request form.

Once connected, you can ask questions and request help. If needed, the representative will send a screen share request to your phone.