How to Turn Off App Review Pop-Up Notifications on Your iPhone or iPad

Are your apps constantly asking for a review? Shut it down and turn those pop-ups off with just three taps.

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Nelson Aguilar
Blake Stimac
Instagram review pop-up on iOS

Even if you're enjoying an app, you may not necessarily want to leave a review.

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After you download an app from the App Store on your iPhone or iPad, it's not uncommon to receive a pop-up notification asking you to rate and review what you think of it. Your rating is helpful to both the developer and other users who may be interested in the app, but sometimes these pop-ups can feel a bit excessive. 

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If you find yourself constantly dodging notifications to rate and review apps, you have two options: Rate and review it in hopes you won't see the pop-up again or you can just disable these types of notifications altogether. Yep, you can do that. 

If you're getting pop-up fatigue, we'll show you how to turn these notifications off below. 

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How to disable iOS app review pop-ups 

The process is simple: In the Settings application, go to the App Store and toggle off In-App Ratings & Reviews. That's it. Once the feature is disabled, you'll no longer receive pop-ups asking you to rate and review whatever application you're using.

Setting to disable in-app ratings and reviews on iOS

You can still leave a review in the App Store, you just won't be bothered by an app to do it.

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