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How to report bugs in the iOS 9 beta

Testing Apple's latest mobile OS? Here's how you can report issues, and help get iOS ready for release this fall.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

If you're one of the brave who've installed the public preview of iOS 9, you've likely encountered an issue or random bug. It's part of the experience when using a beta, or in this case, a preview operating system.

The next time one of Apple's apps displays an odd interface, refuses to launch or something plain weird happens when using iOS 9, send in feedback to the folks in Cupertino so it can be researched and fixed.

Here's what you need to do:

  • Take a screenshot! As soon as you notice an issue, press the home and power buttons at the same time to capture the screen if your iOS device. If possible, go back and repeat any steps you took to replicate the issue -- taking screenshots along the way.
  • You may have noticed a new app on your iOS device after updating to iOS 9. The new app is Apple's Feedback Assistant. This is what you'll use to file any bug reports.
  • The first time you launch the app you'll be asked to sign in with an Apple ID. Ideally you'll want to use the same Apple ID you use on your iOS device. This allows Apple to follow up with you should they need help researching the issue.
  • After signing in, tap on the compose button in the top-right corner. Select the category most appropriate for the issue you're experiencing and be as thorough as you can when providing details while filling out the form. If you need to come back to it, save your report as a draft and finish later.

Once you've filled out the form and attached screenshots, send in the report. It's likely you'll never hear back from Apple regarding your report, but there's a chance you'll be contacted to further troubleshoot the issue or ask if a subsequent update resolved the problem.