Now you can add a friend to your Instagram live Story

Invite a co-host for some live Story fun.

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Making an Instagram Story is fun, but making it with friends is even better. Thanks to the lastest update that became available on Oct. 24, you can now make live Stories with friends, even if they aren't anywhere near you. Here's what you need to know.

Go live with a buddy

Adding a friend to your live Story is fairly simple. Go to the Story screen by swiping right on the home screen. Choose Live from the options. 

Once you're live, you'll see an icon at the bottom of the screen that looks like two smiley faces sitting next to each other. Tap the double smiley icon.


Tap the double smiley face icon to add friends to your live Story.


A list will pop up and you can tap to add anyone from the list. Just remember, you can only choose one friend, so choose wisely. 


Choose your friend from the list.


The catch is the friend must be watching your live Story to add them, so be sure to let your chosen co-host know what you're up to ahead of time.

Once you tap to add your friend, your buddy will receive a notification on their screen. The notification gives them the choice to join or not.


If your friends aren't up for a live convo, they can decline.


If your new co-host accepts, your viewers will see the screen split and your friend's live feed will fill the second half of the screen. Both of you can add filters to add a little fun to your Story, too.


Try out some filters with your friend.


Nix your buddy

If your co-host is getting on your nerves, you can get rid of them in a snap. Just tap the X icon in the upper-right side of their screen. The feed will go back to staring just you. You can also add a new friend, if you like.

How to get rid of embarrassing live Stories

Sometimes friends can be less than cooperative. If you decide that your live Story was a complete bust, you can delete it. The option will pop up after you end the live feed. Just toggle the 24-hour option to off. A Discard buttonwill pop up. Tap it to make the video disappear.


Don't worry. You can delete cringy live Stories.

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