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How to get the old Facebook Messenger recent conversation view back

Don't like the new "Home" look Facebook rolled out a few weeks back? Ditch it.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

In June, Facebook announced it was adding a favorites section to the main screen of Messenger. Instead of opening the app to find only your recent conversation list, the home view is no broken up by a row of profile pics for your favorite Messenger contacts followed by an active now section. Thankfully, you can hide either section and go back to the old recent conversation view relatively quickly. Here's how:

  • To get rid of Favorites, long-press on a profile icon and then select Hide this section.
  • For the Active Now section, Android users can long-press on any contact and then select Hide this section. Where as iOS users will need to swipe to the left across a user, tap on Hide All.

An alert will show up during the process letting you know the sections may come back when there's new stuff to show. If that does happen, you can just repeat the process to hide either section.