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How to force-restart the Apple Watch

If you're having issues with the Apple Watch and in need of a fix, try restarting it.

Shutdown menu on the Apple Watch. Jason Cipriani/CNET

The first question every IT person asks when troubleshooting an issue is usually "have you tried restarting it yet?" And in most cases, it's the right question to ask.

There's just something about rebooting a gadget running complicated software that seems to set it back on the right path and convince it to start working again.

If you run into issue, try a basic restart by powering down your watch by pressing the side button until the shutdown screen appears, followed by sliding the Power Off button to the side in an attempt to remedy the situation.

Or you can use the power of a force-restart to scare it into submission.

To force restart your Apple Watch, press and hold both the Digital Crown and the side Button together for roughly 10 seconds. Eventually the Apple logo will appear on the screen of your watch, indicating the watch is rebooting.

With any luck, the reboot will have cleared up any issues you may have been experiencing.

If the issue is related to a specific app, you can always try to force-quit the respective app by following these instructions.