How to customize the Stocks app on Apple Watch

For some, keeping tabs on your favorite stocks on a watch is a handy feature. Here's how to customize what information shows up.

To better organize and control the Stocks app on your Apple Watch, look no further than your iPhone.

Not only do the settings used to control the Stocks app on your watch live in the Apple Watch app, but the stocks you follow on your phone are mirrored on your watch.

Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

Since you likely already follow stocks closely on your iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app. If not, launch the Stocks app on your phone, add or remove the symbols you want to follow and then launch the Apple Watch app.

Scroll down until you find Stocks and tap on it.

On the left, a Glance with the Dow set as the default. On the right, a watch face with the stock complication added. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

The most important setting you'll find here is Default Stock. This setting can be left alone, mirroring the last stock you viewed in the Stocks app on your iPhone. Or if you want the same stock to show up each time you view the Stocks Glance or on a watch face's complication, then tap on Default Stock and select the listing you'd like to set it to.

You can also alter the information displayed, such as current price, points change, percentage change and market cap.