April is spring-cleaning month at CNET How To

From cleaning your keyboard to organizing apps on your phone, we showcase the very best spring-cleaning tips and tricks for your devices.

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Let CNET How-To help you organize and clean your devices! Eric Franklin/CNET

It's that time of year again. Spring is in the air, but so is dust and clutter. While your devices will never be completely clutter -- or dust -- free, it's not hard to get them into much more presentable shape. The best part? You don't have to do it alone. We're here to help.

Below you will find a collection of How-To articles focused on getting your gadgets and digital life organized, cleaned, optimized and digitized.

Week 1: Organizing your device

Clean up files on your Android device: Never again run out of space

How to clean and speed up Mac OS X Mavericks: Get the most out of your Mac

Organize apps on your Samsung Galaxy device: Customize and streamline your interface

Make your iOS device feel new again: Clear the clutter and optimize performance

Tidy up your music collection: Your music, when you want it

How to back up your phone: Just in case something goes wrong


Week 2: Physical cleaning

Wipe down your headphones: Easy ways to clean your headphones

Clean your monitor or TV screen: Make your screen clearer than ever

Clean your device and its case: Get out the grime with these tips

Clean your digital SLR camera: Keep your lens and sensor clear

How to clean your laptop: Crumbs and ketchup begone!

Week 3: Getting optimized

Keep your apps and device software up-to-date: Always run optimally

How to calibrate your monitor: Get the highest picture quality from your monitor

Apps for getting stuff done: Keep your life on schedule

Optimize your Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts: Safeguard your info across social networks

Three ways to increase your computer's performance: Before you buy a new PC, check out these tips

Jason Cipriani/CNET

Week 4: Digitizing your life

Going digital with your wallet: Earn some pocket space

What to do with your old CD collection: Clear the CD clutter

How to move your receipts to the cloud: Rid yourself of paper waste

Going digital with print subscriptions: Say goodbye to more paper clutter

How to scan and archive your old printed photos: Empty your old photo albums

Week 5: Bonus week

Turn old movies and video games into cash: The best ways to rid yourself of old games

Spring cleaning for your Gmail: Cool tricks for organizing your mail

Clean up and organize your iTunes music library: Four simple ways to tidy up your music

Tips for organizing your cables: It's time to tame that rat's nest under your desk