How the Grinch iPhone game stole my $1.99

Suitable only for the littlest Whos, Grinchmas offers awkward, repetitive gameplay. Skip it and get the entertaining Dr. Seuss Camera, Grinch Edition instead.

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Where's the Grinch? In this uninspired game, only his hand appears. Grinchmas, indeed! Oceanhouse Media

Maybe I'm feeling extra Grinchy today because stupid iTunes keeps timing out when I sync my iPhone, but I don't like Grinchmas.

In this new game from Oceanhouse Media, you're a disembodied Grinch hand that flings snowballs--or presents, if you're in more of a "Merry Grinch" mood--at houses down in Whoville.

And that's it. The challenge, if you can call it that, lies in flinging accurately: you have to swipe at just the right speed and in just the right direction to score a hit.

If I'm any indication, grown-up players will tire of this in about 18 seconds. The littler Whos in your house might enjoy it for longer--the game skews cute, colorful, and Seussian--but ultimately, Grinchmas works so hard at being "casual" that it forgets to be fun. Skip it.

Give your snapshots a fun, Grinch-ian makeover with Dr. Seuss Camera. Oceanhouse Media

The real Dr. Seuss-inspired fun lies in Dr. Seuss Camera: The Grinch Edition, which uses the iPhone camera to create whimsical, Grinchy holiday cards you can share with friends.

Start by choosing from 20-plus different cards, then point your iPhone camera (sorry, Touch users) at the kids, the dog, cranky Uncle Fred, etc.

Each card has either a face cutout area or an empty space alongside a Grinch-related character (if not the ol' meanie himself).

After you snap the photo, you can decorate it further with stamps and borders, then save it to your Camera Roll and/or e-mail it to friends and family.

It's a cute little app, easy to use, and a perfect slice of holiday fun. Here's hoping that "The Grinch Edition" subtitle means there are other versions in the works. (I've always wanted a photo of myself next to Horton the Elephant.)