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Lost an AirPod? It'll cost you

We don't recommend, however, that you put epoxy in your ear.

Why is this man smiling? No lost AirPod: He can use his 69 bucks to buy a matching necklace.

James Martin/CNET

Let's hope your ears have strong hands.

If you lose one of your shiny new AirPods -- the interesting looking wireless earbuds from Apple -- here's how much it'll cost you to replace: $69.

That's according to an Apple customer-support page spotted by AppleInsider. The headphones, which went on sale Tuesday via Apple's site and are set to hit stores next week, cost $159 a pair.

The price of battery service for AirPods is listed as $49 each, and out-of-warranty service is listed at $69 each. All those prices, minus the "each" part, are the same when it comes to the charging case included with the AirPods. There's no charge for service related to AirPod or case issues covered under Apple's One Year Limited Warranty.

If you're prone to losing earrings, then, it'll be up to you: Shell out 69 doubloons for a replacement AirPod, or just be content with the one you have left and go for the monophonic-pirate look.