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How many iPhones were sold last quarter? Analysts aim to predict

Awaiting actual numbers from Apple, 32 analysts polled by Fortune get in on the iPhone sales guessing game.

Apple's iPhone 5S. CNET

Apple sold anywhere from 34 million to 42.5 million iPhones last quarter. At least that's the range seen in the crystal balls of 32 different analysts.

Among the analysts polled by Fortune, Charlie Wolf of Needham & Co. was the most bullish with the forecast of 42.5 million. The analyst who was the most bearish, coming in with that 34 million estimate, asked to remain anonymous. The average forecast of 38.2 million would be around a 2 percent rise over the 37.4 million iPhones sold during the same quarter in 2013.

As always, Fortune questioned both Wall Street professionals and 12 amateur, or independent, analysts. And as usual, the amateurs were a bit more on the high side than the pros.

Apple, whose current flagship phone is the iPhone 5S , will reveal its calendar first-quarter (fiscal second-quarter) results on April 23.