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How Does The Pre's Size Stack up?

Here are a few of my many toys comparing how the Pre stacks up size wise to other commonly used ppc's. (this is some of my collection more to come later and no Iphone will be present)

For those that haven't had the chance to pick up a Pre and really see its size first hand, this is for you. In the pictures below from left to right you will see the Apache, (Sprint - WM 6.5) G1, (T-Mobile - Android) Touch Pro, (Sprint - WM 6.5) Diamond, (Alltel - WM 6.5 recently added) And finally the phone we all know and love, the Palm Pre. (Sprint - WebOs)

A small part of my collection :) Matthew Lutker

The PPC 6700 (also known as the Apache) has a slideout qwerty keyboard and an external antenna adding lots of size. Still a great phone but as you can see a brick. (recently, communities like xda-developers have ported WM 6.5 and Android to the device)

Pre Weigh-In Against The Apache Matthew Lutker

The Diamond doesn't have a slideout keyboard and surprisingly is very close to the same size as the diamond. (the length is a good half inch longer though)

Palm Pre Outglissens Diamond (is that a word?) Matthew Lutker

The Touch Pro has a slideout qwerty keyboard and is more square making it appear much larger. Removal of the battery cover on the Pro will give you the thickness of the Pre.

A Touch Bigger (I know these captions are horrible) Matthew Lutker

The G1 is quite a bit larger but does have a spacious (sidekick style)full qwerty keyboard. As you can see the G1 looks like a surfboard.

Gnarly Board Dude (and they keep getting worse) Matthew Lutker

Here are all the phones in one view stacked stlye. (beat this stacker Wendy's)

Watch Out Wendy's, The Quint Has Arrived Matthew Lutker

As all can see the Palm Pre has done the best job of getting a full slideout keyboard equipped without sacrificing too much size. This is a bog deal too not only me but my sisters who now have Pre's. Before I received my protective shell and holster for the Pre the device fit very comfortably in my pocket which i can't say with any other device listed above can. (besides the Diamond)
I hope that this will help many people that are looking and havent seen the device in person. Enjoy and comment with your feedback if you would. Thanks