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Honor 6 Plus available 1 May for £299, exclusively on Three

The 5.5-inch Honor 6 Plus will launch on the Three network on 1 May for £299. It will be available on pay as you go and a range of contracts.

Andrew Hoyle/CNET

Three has confirmed that the 5.5-inch Honor 6 Plus Android phone will be hitting the UK from 1 May. It will come at the reasonably affordable price of £299 on pay as you go, as well as being available on a range of contracts.

The cheapest deal is £24 per month, with a £19 up-front charge -- this nets you 500MB of data and 600 minutes. Half a gig of data won't last too long however, so heavy users may want to look towards the top-end contract. This comes with unlimited data for £37 per month, again with a £19 up-front charge. All contracts are for 24-month periods and will be available both online and in "select" Three stores.

The phone itself has a 5.5-inch, full HD (1,920x1,080-pixel) display and an octa-core processor. There's also 3GB of RAM and an 8-megapixel camera which supposedly has a range of extra sensors to let the camera bring in more light in poorly lit areas. Owned by Chinese firm Huawei, Honor's phones are already available as Huawei-branded mobiles in China.

Three is the first -- and only -- UK network to offer the Honor 6 Plus, a partnership it announced earlier this year at MWC. Before now, Honor has only sold its phones directly from its own website and through Amazon. While this strategy has allowed Honor to keep handset costs low, the majority of UK mobile purchases are made directly through networks and in stores.

By partnering with Three, Honor will be hoping to secure a stronger foothold in the UK, where Apple and Samsung currently dominate.