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@Home stock climbs higher

On its second day as a public company, @Home sees its shares continue to soar.

Shares of the @Home Network (ATHM) continued to soar today, climbing over 31 percent in trading.

The cable Internet access company, which went public on Friday, finished the day at 22-5/16, up 5-5/16 from Friday; 8.3 million shares traded hands.

@Home's stock rise continues after its first day of trading on Friday, when the company saw the stock jump over 130 percent from its target price of $10.50 a share.

There was also more good news for the company. Intel (INTC) made an investment of less than $5 million in the company, according to sources familiar with the transaction, Reuters reported.

One of the sources said the investment involved "a few hundred thousand shares" and was handled at the opening of the stock's debut on the public market. (Intel is an investor in CNET: The Computer Network)

A spokesman for Intel said the company does not comment on investments unless they are material to the company in which it is investing. But he did say Intel has been involved in a dialog with @Home since it began in 1995, according to Reuters.

The success of @Home's IPO is expected to further the return of the "conceptual" IPO, analysts said.

"I think this IPO shows a lot of enthusiasm there is for the Internet companies, said Richard Peterson, an IPO analyst with Securities Data, in an earlier interivew.

@Home, which provides Internet access by high-speed cable lines and modems, floated out 9 million shares, raising $94.5 million in capital. With its 117.5 million outstanding shares, the company ended today with a market value of nearly $2.6 billion.