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Holy handsets, Batman! Gresso's take on the Nokia 3310 costs $3,000

But you can talk on it for 75 hours and drop it off a three-story building.


The people who brought you the $500,000, diamond-encrusted iPhone 7 are back, this time with a more true-to-the-original, titanium version of the darling of this year's Mobile World Congress, the revamped Nokia 3310.

The new 3310 goes cheap -- it's 49 euros, which, directly converted, is about £40, $50 or AU$70 (or 2 euros if you buy the original at a black market) -- in looks as well as price.

Gresso heads in the opposite direction, charging $2,990. It does improve on HMD's resurrected model, with dual-SIM slots, a marginally higher-resolution camera and presumably a bigger battery given its rating of 722 hours standby and 75 hours talk time.

Its construction, Grade 5 Titanium alloy with a PVD coating, makes it extra durable, too. Gresso says it can withstand a 32-foot drop. Because when a supervillain's henchman is hanging you out a window you don't want to worry about your phone.

And unlike the other 3310, this one's coming to the US soon. You have until May 1 to save your pennies.