Heysan: A lightweight approach to iPhone IM

Heysan: A lightweight approach to iPhone IM

Ben Wilson

We previously profiled two Web-based IM apps optimized for the iPhone, TinnyBuddy and JiveTalk. Both function well, but have interfaces that can be sluggish in the iPhone's browser.

Heysan, a Web-based IM client that supports AIM, MSN, ICQ and soon (according to the developer) Google Talk and Yahoo, takes a different approach that is not necessarily superior, but certainly more lightweight and generally quicker to load in Safari for iPhone. Instead of using JavaScript to render buddy lists and chats (the iPhone is a relatively poor JavaScript performer in some respects), Heysan uses simple HTML along with a constant refresh (you can also manually force a refresh using a button) to display chats and buddy list updates. The result is messaging that's less than instant, but also pages that are less prone to lag.

It includes basic capabilities for switching between applications, but not much else, offering a spartan interface even by Web app standards.

If nothing else, Heysan is worth a try if you're frustrated by the interface lag in other Web-based instant messaging apps on the iPhone.