Here's another look at Xiaomi's crazy double-fold phone

Samsung, eat your heart out.

Screenshot by CNET via Xiaomi/YouTube

Samsung unveiled its Galaxy Fold, a 4.6-inch phone that can be opened into a 7.3-inch tablet, on Feb. 20. The company was beaten to the punch, though, when Xiaomi showed off its own folding phone in a video a month prior.

The Chinese tech company has given us a second teaser for its yet-to-be named phone. A 10-second video was recently posted to Xiaomi's Weibo account and then to YouTube showing the phone's double-fold in action, as well as what looks like a swipe-to-go-back gesture. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, Xiaomi's phone folds back from both sides of the screen, leaving the remaining center area as the phone screen.

We don't yet know many official details about the phone, although tech site iGyaan said the phone would cost $999 (roughly £760, AU$1,410), around half the Galaxy Fold, and would be released between April and June. Xiaomi and Samsung aren't the only players in the folding phone game, with Huawei's $2,600 Mate X also being one to watch.

The 10-second teaser is reminiscent of a recent video that circulated of the Samsung Galaxy Fold. That video, however, was unofficial, and showed a pronounced crease down the tablet's middle that wasn't visible in previous promotional material. It remains to be seen if Xiaomi's double folding phone will be crease-free.