Headphones gone weird? Tie a knot in them

When my beloved Sennheiser CX400s degraded from sterling stereo to monotonous mono, I was distraught -- but a quick jury-rig repair restored my sanity

Headphones are essential to my life. Without them I'd have to kill 15 people each day on the Tube who would otherwise annoy the living hell out of me. I use them to block out sniffing, loud phone conversations and noisy chewing. They are, in short, the only thing standing between my sanity and a nice rest in a comfortably upholstered white room.

So recently, when my beloved Sennheiser CX400 earphones degraded from sterling stereo to monotonous mono, I was distraught. The 400s are excellent earphones -- they isolate you from external noise while providing some of the best music quality you can get for around the £35 mark (although some places are selling them steeply discounted at the moment). In short, I loved them. But the ravages of my pocket eventually take their toll -- the cable has broken somewhere.

I'm not the sort of person who gives up easily -- just ask any one of the numerous companies I'm currently persecuting for their shoddy service. I decided to effect my own repairs and have subsequently restored my CX400s to full stereo. How have I done this? By tying a couple of knots in the cable, that's how.

Now, this clearly isn't a long-term fix, but it does at least give me a tiny morsel of satisfaction and pride in my own, admittedly very minor, technical bodging. There's always the chance I might decide to repair them even more comprehensively with a Stanley knife and some gaffer tape. But for now, the pair of sound-restoring knots are doing the trick.

Jury-rigged anything good recently? Tell me in the comments below, I'd love to hear about how awesome you are.