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Headphone deal of the day: Klipsch Reference On-Ear Premium headphone for $30

This headphone was way overpriced at $200, but at $30 it's a deal.

Alas, the black model is already sold out.

A few years ago I tried Klipsch's Reference On-Ear Premium headphone and didn't love it, particularly at its high price of $200. But now that Newegg is blowing it out for $30, I'd say it's definitely worth checking out at that hugely discounted price. The black model is already sold out, but you can still get it in white.

The on-ear headphone is comfortable and solidly built, but my gripes with it were that it was bass-heavy while lacking the detail as well as clarity that a "premium" headphone should have.

But as I said, for 30 bucks, I'm willing to be less critical. And it does have a built-in microphone and Apple friendly inline remote for making calls.

It's also being sold at Amazon -- the black version is a little over $50 and the white model is $40. Newegg's sale lasts through Monday, but regardless I expect this deal will be gone soon.