Hands-on with the iPhone: No, not that one

We've been lucky enough to get our hands on the iPhone! Shame it's not Apple's, but we thought we'd check out what the Linksys iPhone has to offer anyway

Andrew Lim

After years of waiting, Crave has finally got its hands on the iPhone. Unfortunately, it's not the Apple iPhone, it's the Linksys iPhone. Not content with calling its phone something different, neither Apple nor Linksys were willing to budge, eventually settling the issue by simply sharing the name.

The name is all they share, however, because these are two very different products. The Linksys iPhone CIT300 is a dual-mode handset that lets you make standard telephone calls and Skype calls. It uses a USB base station connected to your computer via a USB cable and your home's telephone line.

You also need a broadband connection and Skype installed on your computer to make the Skype calls. Setting it up is pretty straightforward -- you get a charging stand for the handset and a CD with all the installation files and instructions.

You'll need to have your computer turned on in order to take advantage of the Skype calls, but you don't need it on for making normal calls. It's a shame that you can't make Skype calls without needing the computer turned on, as you can with certain other dual-mode phones, but the CIT300 is very inexpensive.

It will only set you back about £50, and while it doesn't share the Apple iPhone's feature set, it will let you make cheaper calls wirelessly around your house. Our only warning is to parents: if you plan on buying your kids an iPhone next year, make sure you get the right one.