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Hands-on with the Gear4 StreetParty III: Festival's friend

Gear4's new StreetParty 3 arrived at Crave just in time for us to play Will Smith songs through it, and we've got some first impressions to share with you about this £30 festival-ready iPod speaker system

The last Gear4 StreetParty we got jiggy with was the StreetParty Size 0, and when it was just the two of us we had a pretty good time. Yeah, sorry for another helping of Will Smith references, but we were just told the Big Willie is in London later today and, well, we're pretty excited.

Anyway, the latest StreetParty just arrived in the CNET complex (two turned up, actually -- we're not sure why) and we've had a quick play to form some first impressions.

The StreetParty III -- or 3, if you're not down with the Roman numberals -- is a mains- or battery-powered speaker dock for iPods, and it's ideal for festivals, beers in the garden or in the kitchen when preparing your nutmeg 'cigarettes' (did you know Nostradamus smoked nutmeg before making prophecies?).

Anyway, for the £30 asking price it's pretty decent, and very loud. It by no means produces a sound that'll do anything less than annoy audiophiles, and it's no living room hi-fi replacement. But for the upcoming summer festivals it's smashing.

It's on sale next month and you can expect a more in-depth review in the next couple of weeks. Now go and listen to Will Smith and revel in the magnificence of his clean rap. -Nate Lanxon