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Hands-on with the Archos 105

We love the Archos 605 and we're very fond of the 405. Here in Berlin at IFA we just couldn't pass up the chance to check out the entry level model, the Archos 105

We're big fans of Archos here at Crave, and we've been itching to get close to the French company's brand new 105. This is the entry-level model in the fifth-generation range of media players.

The small MP3 player is incredibly lightweight and supports full-screen WMV video. MP3, WMA (protected and unprotected) and WAV files are all supported, and the player will display any JPEG photos you find yourself inclined to store on it. Not bad for a player that'll only cost about £60 when it's released in a few weeks here in the UK.

Sound quality was superb, which we expected given the great performance of other Archos models. The 38mm (1.5-inch) colour screen is the only thing we're a little disappointed with -- its size is adequate, but the resolution is a little lower than we'd have liked. Videos play well though, and the traditional icon-based Archos navigation system will guide you through the various menus.

Sadly the 105 only comes in a 2GB capacity. Look out for our full review very soon, but be sure not to miss our full review of the flagship 605 WiFi. -Nate Lanxon